What Types of RV Are The Easiest To Drive?

What Types of RV Are The Easiest To Drive?

An RV is perfect for road-tripping, tailgating, and camping. However, an RV can be difficult to drive. If you want to get behind the wheel of an RV, but you’re feeling overwhelmed, these are the easiest types of RVs to drive:

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Common RV tow vehicles aren’t too difficult to drive. These RVs are hooked up to your truck or SUV. If you can drive your truck or SUV, you can drive with a common RV tow vehicle. You just have to make sure your vehicle comes with the proper tow rating. You also want to practice making turns when your common RV tow vehicle is connected to your truck or SUV.

A motorhome is another easy RV to drive. Even though motorhomes are large, they operate just like an SUV or minivan. Once again, you should practice making turns in an RV, but this is easy to get the hang of. Class B motorhomes are easier to drive than Class A motorhomes because of their size. Also know that motorhomes typically require diesel fuel and can burn through this fuel semi-quickly. You should get used to keeping an eye on your fuel tank and refilling more frequently than you would your car.

Before purchasing an RV, check your state laws. Some RVs require a special driver’s license endorsement to drive. In most states, Class B motorhomes, popup campers, teardrop campers, and travel trailers do not require any special endorsements. Meanwhile, large Class C motorhomes may require a special endorsement. Class A motorhomes and large fifth-wheel trailers face the most scrutiny when it comes to special driver’s license requirements. You may need a class A or commercial driver’s license to legally operate these RVs.

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