Tips For Camping On Labor Day

Tips For Camping On Labor Day

Labor Day is almost here and what better way to celebrate than getting away from the labors of the world with a nice camping trip. The camping experts over at KOA offer these seven great tips for camping on Labor Day.

camping labor day

Reserve Your Campsite Early

Holidays are a great time to camp. Since everybody already knows this, you can bet the campsites will be crowded. Plan accordingly.

Leave Early Or Stay Somewhere Else Close By

Why? Because you want to beat the traffic. The mass exodus out of your favorite campsite on Labor Day will be a headache. Leave early to avoid it.

Consider Leaving Pets Home

Most pets tend to dislike fireworks, which are commonplace whenever you go camping on Labor Day. It may be better to make arrangements for them to stay with a friend/family while you go camping.

Buy Supplies Well Ahead Of Time

It’s a hassle to buy camping essentials at the last minute. In advance, remember to get a hold of key items such as cookware, lanterns/flashlights, grills, coolers, and sleeping bags.

Plan A Food Schedule

This is especially important if you are planning a trip with a lot of people. Coordinating when you will eat and who will bring which dishes is important. Since it’s Labor Day, you might try to make it patriotically themed.

Keep A Close Eye On The Weather

Labor Day is still a warm-weather holiday in most places, but you should still be prepared for storms and unseasonable weather.

Keep It Festive

It is, after all, a holiday and opportunity to relax and honor America too.

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Happy Labor Day!

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