The Advantages and Importance of Weighing Your RV

The Advantages and Importance of Weighing Your RV

March 28, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Accurate RV Weighing

Routine maintenance and staying on top of repairs are important for the endurance and structural integrity of any vehicle. Your RV needs all the same TLC that a car does, and more, because of the areas that are inhabited during trips. One of the routines that you should familiarize yourself with is the act of weighing your RV. While this is a topic that doesn’t get as much attention as others tend to, it’s just as important. We’ve given you a quick guide to help you understand a bit more clearly.

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“So Much is Riding on Your Tires”

Pardon us while we borrow the slogan from Michelin, but the same applies to the importance of pulling into a weigh station while you’re on the road. The tires on your RV have a maximum weight capacity, and when this exceeds it, increased friction can cause a blowout. This can result in skidding, loss of control, and a probable collision.

A Bridge Too Far

You may have noticed that certain bridges have weight limitations posted on them. Trucks and buses are prohibited from using certain roadways because of this and getting your RV properly weighed before travel can allow you to plan your trip accordingly.

Axle Issues

Much like the tires on your RV, your axle can only withstand a certain amount of weight. A broken axle can result in serious damage or an accident, so it’s important to weigh your vehicle and have your axle and drivetrain checked before departure.

RV weighing Ratings; How They Work and What They Mean

There are four different weight ratings that are assigned to an RV. This is where things can be slightly confusing, so we’ve crafted a brief reference guide to help you out. We would normally refer to this as a crash course, but because a crash is what we’re trying to prevent, consider this a short lesson.

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) This is the first and most important weight classification. The gross weight is a measurement of your vehicle’s weight plus all people inside, fluids, etc. When you purchased your RV, this was listed in your owner’s manual and is good to familiarize yourself with.
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC) This is rather self-explanatory and refers to the added weight you can add to your RV when traveling.
  • Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) This refers to the amount of weight that the axles on your RV can withstand. Exceeding this weight limit can result in possible damage to your RV’s drivetrain and suspension.
  • Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) If you plan on doing any trailering or towing then this is an important number to pay attention to. This is the total weight of the vehicle being towed and the towing vehicle. If your RV is towing a car or you’re towing an RV with a truck, it’s important not to exceed the limitation.

Whether you’re a seasoned RV owner planning a trip or you’re new to the world of the motorhome, one place has everything you’ll ever need. Patriot RV Prestonsburg offers new and used models, and servicing, and financing is available if you qualify. You can visit us today at 2771 US Rt 23 in South Prestonburg, and to reach us by phone, please call (606) 506-4300!

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