RV Friendly Healthy & Easy Meals to Make

RV Friendly Healthy & Easy Meals to Make

It’s so easy to slip into unhealthy eating while camping. I mean, who can resist that extra perfectly toasted s’more? At Patriot RV, we know that those unhealthy hot dogs and burgers are delicious for the first few days but begin to wear you down on longer trips. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five RV-friendly healthy and easy rv meals to make.

RV Friendly Healthy & Easy Meals to Make

1. Make Bon Appetit’s Spaghetti with No-Cook Puttanesca-easy rv meals

For a traditional favorite with a twist, try this spaghetti with bo-cook puttanesca. It uses minimal heat to make, and you can easily use your favorite gluten-free pasta as an alternative. Add olives for a different flavor. Use your knife to crush them and push out the pits. It’s quick and easy. After a long hike in the woods, a big bowl of pasta hits the spot just right.

2. Try Gathered Nutrition’s Breakfast Tostadas with Creamy Jalapeno Cilantro Sauce

Breakfast for dinner is always a win. If you don’t believe me, just ask Ron Swanson. Gathered Nutrition’s super breakfast tostadas are packed with spices, protein, and carbs. Put your crockpot on before heading out for a hike or swim in the lake, and come back to your ready-made dinner. Reduce prep time by pre-making the sauce. You can also pre-cook your chicken if you don’t want to bring your crockpot.

3. Whip Up Clean Eating’s Easy Chicken Fajitas

Packed with flavor and easy to make, these chicken fajitas from Clean Eating will leave you feeling energized and ready for exploring. Check out their guacamole recipe or whip up your favorite one and bring it along. Delicious for lunch or dinner. Make this meal in a cast iron pot over a fire or an outdoor stove to reduce the smell inside your RV.

4. Experiment with Bon Appetit’s Tofu and Mushroom Stir-Fry

Stir-fry is always one of the quickest meals you can make. Bon Appetit’s tofu and mushroom stir-fry is vegetarian-friendly and lasts longer in the fridge because it uses tofu instead of meat. Add any of your favorite vegetables to add your twist to the recipe. Try pre-cook your rice to save time, water, and energy, or buy pre-cooked rice packs.

5. Cook Choosing Chia’s Soba Noodle Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce

Thank you, cold noodles. This soba noodle salad is perfect on summer camping trips when you’d rather eat ice cream for dinner than turn on the stove. The main ingredient in soba is buckwheat. It has loads of protein to help repair muscles after long hikes. Prepare the noodles exactly as the packaging suggests to ensure perfect consistency. Pre-make the peanut butter sauce to minimize cleaning and use fresh vegetables instead of pre-cut and packed ones.

Try out these easy rv meals to keep you and your loved ones healthy on your next camping trip. For more RV-related information swing by Patriot RV of Ashland or give us a call at (833) 779-0490. You can also fill in this form, and someone will get back to you.

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