Essential RV Driving Rules for Safety and Enjoyment

Essential RV Driving Rules for Safety and Enjoyment

RV driving rules: If you are new to the RV marketplace, and you have never owned an RV before, you need to understand the rules of the road. These rules are really important because they can save you from a very expensive ticket. Even if you have been driving awhile, these rules are a good refresher course. Here are some of the most basic rules of the road.

rv driving rules

Important RV driving rules to Know

If you are towing an RV, you need to know that as long as you are moving, you can’t be inside the trailer. This means you can’t be in your trailer cooking, eating, sleeping, or using the bathroom. Many states feel it is dangerous to be in the trailer in case there is an accident since you aren’t belted when you’re in the trailer. However, you can sit in the motorhomes, and in many states, you can do some essential functions, such as going to the bathroom. However, you can’t move around the motorhome as long as you want, because most state laws require you to wear a seatbelt.

Another really important rule you need to be mindful of is the weight limitations on your towable RVs. Each RV has a gross total weight capacity, as well as towing capacity. You need to be sure that you are not exceeding the limits of towing or gross weight because just like a semi-driver can get a ticket, you can get a ticket for being overweight as well. Depending on how overweight you are, your ticket could be excessive. Once you know the rules, you’re all set to have a safe and happy vacation.

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