Make Your Way to Patriot RV for a Memorable Outdoor Getaway

Make Your Way to Patriot RV for a Memorable Outdoor Getaway

Patriot RV: America has many great traditions, and when summer comes along, one of the greatest traditions is driving across America with the family.

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Traveling across America with the entire family is a tradition as old as the Oregon Trail. That tradition continues to this day, as evidenced by the popular culture film Vacation. Thankfully, making the trip today does not need to involve the hardships and discomforts of the wagon train or the misadventures caused by a lack of information and stubbornness like those encountered by the Griswold family.

Thanks to the wonderful innovations available in today’s RVs, driving with the family across America today is full of convenience and comfort. All of the modern amenities available in today’s RVs made the trip akin to driving across America in a small apartment.

At Patriot RV in Ashland, there are so many great RVs to choose from, you may want to move into the dealership. While that isn’t possible, what is certain is that you find a place the entire family will be glad to move into during your cross-country trek. Whether for a couple of days or a few months, your new RV will feel like home.

If you are thinking about taking that family trip across this great nation, you need to stop by Patriot RV. The Class A models really are a dream vacation in an automobile. Thor Motor Coach A.C.E, Thor Motor Coach Windsport, Nexus Maybach, and Patriot RV have them all. Choosing between them is like choosing between the honeymoon suite or the presidential suite at a luxury hotel. You really do need to come down to the dealership and see them for yourself. If you want proof, visit our website at first. You’ll soon be making a trip to Ashland to see them for yourself.

Patriot RV has specials to help make your family vacation a reality. You could be pre-approved today. Make sure to ask about financing options. The staff at Patriot RV wants nothing more than to help you enjoy one of America’s great traditions. If you’re looking for an upgrade, bring in your old RV and make a trade for a new one. These new RVs really have everything you could possibly want.

America will always be one of the greatest countries on Earth. Everyone should travel across our great nation at some point in their lives. Why wait? Make that trip this summer. Go visit Patriot RV, located at 7405 Route 60 in Ashland, Kentucky

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