Keep an Eye Out on New RV Models Releases

Keep an Eye Out on New RV Models Releases

The Best New RV Models For-2023

Being locally owned and operated since 2001, Patriot RV of Ashland has been providing top-quality recreational vehicles to the residents of Kentucky and surrounding areas for more than 35 years. We are among the major RV dealerships in the state of Kentucky and offer many well-known brands, including Aria Kentucky, Holiday Rambler, Thor, Cruiser, and many more. Below are some tips on learning about when these and other manufacturers announce and release their new RV models each year.

New RV Model Releases

When new RV models are announced

Most RV manufacturers place their latest models on the market by the month of March at the latest, allowing local RV dealers to restock their inventories with the most up-to-date models by the time many people are planning to buy a new RV for their summer getaways. However, many RV makers announce the release of their new lineup in November or December of the preceding year, thus allowing customers to pre-order a new RV before production has even begun.

When new rv models are released

The majority of new RV come out in the final two months of the year, but some are released in the spring. In other words, some 2022 RVs will become available for sale as early as spring 2021.
By contrast, new model-year automobiles are usually released in the fall of the preceding year but might begin entering the market in the middle or the end of summer. Thus, you can expect 2022 vehicles to come out all through the second half of the 2021 calendar year.

For this reason, a good way to find out precisely when new RV models will be going on the market is to attend one or more RV trade shows in your area.

To see all the new 2021 RVs in stock at Patriot RV of Ashland, come and visit us at 7405 Route 60, Ashland, KY, 41102. Or give us a call at 833-779-0490 for more information.

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