Items You Will Need for Your First Travel Trailer

Items You Will Need for Your First Travel Trailer

Will Need for Your First Travel Trailer

Travel trailers allow you to explore the outdoors with convenience and comfort. Once you become the owner of a travel trailer, there are a few supplies you need to be sure you’re travel-ready. Here are some items you will need for your travel trailer:

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First, you need a trailer hitch mount. This is how you will connect your travel trailer to your vehicle. Some trucks and SUVs come with a ball mount, while others are tow-ready, but only have a square receiver. Evaluate your vehicle before shopping for a trailer hitch mount to be sure you’re buying a compatible product.

In addition to a trailer hitch mount, you’ll need a trailer brake. Trailer brakes are designed to stop your trailer from moving forward when you brake in your vehicle.

Proper towing equipment is key to safe and comfortable towing. When shopping for products, seek a weight-distribution hitch and sway bar to allow for the most secure connection and the greatest amount of control.

One of the hardest parts of driving a vehicle with a trailer attached is operating your vehicle in reverse. To make this easier, purchase a backup camera. Install the backup camera to the back of your travel trailer to improve your line of sight.

Once you’ve arrived at your campsite, it’s time to remove yourself from your vehicle. When doing so, you want to use leveling blocks and chocks. Leveling blocks are used to level your vehicle when parking on uneven terrain, while chocks are designed to stabilize your travel trailer when it’s detached from your vehicle. X-Chocks stabilize the tires of your trailer, while standard wheel chocks look like small ramps and are placed in front of or behind the wheels to keep them from rolling.

Now that you know what equipment you need for your travel trailer, you’re ready to shop our inventory at Patriot RV. Discover our store at 2771 US Rt 23 S. in Prestonburg, KY.

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