How to Buy the Right Used RV for You

How to Buy the Right Used RV for You

December 14, 2021

Buying the right used RV is a lot like purchasing a car. In both cases, you must prepare and resist the urge to fall in love with the first model you see. It pays to take your time when searching for good RVs.

There are a few basic components to the RV-finding process: researching the market, asking questions, pre-purchase inspections, and test driving.

Buying the Right Used RV for You

Researching the Used RV Market

This is your first step before heading out to the dealership. It’s important to determine what kind of RV suits your needs. Do you want a motorhome? How much towing capacity would you need for carrying around other vehicles? How many people plan to live with you on the road? These are just a few questions you’d want to consider.

You should also become familiar with the different makers and models. That’s where you would start reviewing the selections available at various dealerships. Also, much like a car, you can check the maintenance history on some of the RVs you come across. That helps you ascertain the condition and quality of a particular used RV. Don’t forget to take a careful look at RV mileage as well.

Ask The Dealer Questions

At Patriot RV, we always want you to know that you can ask us anything and trust our expertise on the matter. Don’t hesitate to probe deeply into the specifications and driving history of any of our models. You can also find out about financing options or ways to get pre-approved for purchase.

Inspect Thoroughly

If it’s going to be your RV, we suggest checking every crack and crevice, under the hood as well as the interior. Make sure the doors, windows, and locks function properly. Always check for pests and water damage too.

Test Drive It Before Buying

Ask your dealer if they’ll let you test drive the RV. Remember, some of the motorhomes on the market are rather large and you might not feel comfortable driving something like that. You never know unless you test-drive it. Moreover, just like cars, smart buyers always verify that the vehicle’s performance is up to snuff before finalizing anything.

Patriot RV of Ashland wants to help you with all aspects of buying a used RV. We currently possess more than 20 used RVs in inventory. Our options vary in size, age, mileage, and other factors, so you know you have a great variety from which to choose. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us with questions before you visit. Call us at (833) 779-0490 or visit us at 7405 Route 60 in Ashland.

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