How to Explain Rv Essentials For Newbies

How to Explain Rv Essentials For Newbies

RV essentials for newbies: Are you new to RVing and need a little help launching your cross-country, camping, hiking, and traveling fun? That’s no problem. Patriot RV Georgetown is here to assist.


Check out these fun RV essentials for newbies and beginners. rv essentials for newbies

Don’t Buy Too Quickly

We have a pretty lavish RV inventory full of all sorts of different models with a multitude of capabilities. Before you rush to buy, take a little while to learn about the different styles, sizes, tech capabilities, and interior amenities. Do you want something smaller like a camper? Would you prefer a bigger model with a capacity of 12 people? These are just a couple of the many questions you should ponder while making an RV selection.

Above all else, don’t forget to thoroughly inspect the RV before you even think about taking out a loan to buy it. All the normal rules for buying a car apply here.

Learn The Important Maintenance Habits

RVs require a modest degree of owner maintenance, upkeep, and inspection. If it’s motorized or electrical, you’ll have to take care of oil and/or charging. Do you know how chargers work and how they hook up at campsites? It’s good to know that before you arrive at one, exhausted after hours of driving.

In addition, we recommend compiling an off-roading toolkit, comprising all the important items. This would include First-Aid, flashlights, a hammer, pliers, wire cutters, duct tape, zip ties, motor oil, jumper cables, and so forth. Don’t go overboard, but grab anything you might need to troubleshoot your car and keep them handy.

Start Off Small Before Going All The Way Across the Country

If you aren’t familiar with RV traveling, you might want to stick to nearby road trips before making a huge haul out to Glacier National Park or Yosemite. If you’re near us in Kentucky, then Appalachia is a great place to start. Make mistakes when you’re closer to home, and it won’t seem quite so overwhelming.

Travel as Lightly as Possible

Yes, you can get an RV with as many amenities as you have in your home (probably more). We’re happy to fit you with the latest and greatest if that’s what you want, but it’s still more prudent to travel as lightly as possible. That way you avoid the complexity of keeping track of tons of gear and equipment. Start off minimally, figure out what you really need for a short excursion or long trip, then augment later.

Patriot RV Georgetown thoroughly enjoys helping fledgling RV travelers learn the ropes of this awesome hobby. There’s no steep learning curve, per se, but it helps to avoid some obvious tangles and pitfalls. If you need further assistance with anything like RV service, don’t hesitate to drop by and see us. Call at any time to learn more, at 502-427-0264.

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