Characteristics Of Different Types of RVs

Characteristics Of Different Types of RVs

Who would have thought there are so many types of RVs?

different types of rvs

We want to highlight some exciting information from an article by RVezy, showcasing the characteristics of different types of RVs. They identify seven characteristics:

Class A Motorhomes

These are the biggest and most luxurious. Class A’s are at the top of the mountain. You could fit as many as ten people in one of these.

Class B Motorhomes

Class B’s are the smallest RVs but also the easiest to drive. This model only includes limited storage space, but it’s great for national parks or boondocking.

Fifth Wheel

These are the kind you tow, and they usually have two levels. They could hold as many as eight people, but they are hard to park, and you will need a heavy-duty vehicle to tow.

Toy Haulers

These are like the Fifth Wheel, just with the capability of hauling a motorcycle or other small vehicle on the other end.

Travel Trailers

Travel Trailers are large and popular. You could fit 10 people into them, and they tend to be budget-friendly. Again, you’ll need to be equipped with a vehicle with a strong tow rating to handle them.

Pop-Up Campers

They function like hybrid RV tents. They have lots of sleeping space, more headroom, as well as sides and windows that zip.

Tiny Travel Trailers

This is the smallest option. You would probably fit two adults into one of them. They’re lightweight, easy to drive around, and national park friendly.

For the full rundown on these RV types, here is a link to the full story.

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